pinYesan of Chungnam




Luxuriate in the Natural Comforts

A Garden

of infinite possibilities

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The delicately fragrant scent of the Northern chrysanthemum,
the mysteriously alluring purple color of the exquisite hosta flowers,
and the friendly appeal of the day lily reminiscent of
an innocent girl from a mountain village can all be experienced
at the top of this hill harmonized with local flowers.

This small knoll of local flowers was cultivated with handpicked
wildflowers often found in Korea’s fields and mountains.

We hope you will enjoy rediscovering the beauty and
freshness of nature, which might have been forgotten in
life's exhausting moments, at the top of this hill. Here,
you can see the harmony among endearing flowers from Korea,
by looking over the pleasantly simple, classy, small,
and friendly local flowers.

April 5, 1999

Tower of Pleasure

“Bell Tower” for blessing

The bell of the white bell tower, the symbol of Mayfield Hotel,
was made in a monastery in Cologne, Germany.
The bell with its clear ringing that chimes like fountain water under
the blue sky strikes at noon and 6:00 p.m. every day, bringing joy to visitors.
It gives its blessing to couples at that special moment when they tie
the knot at their wedding ceremonies.

The bell tower, which is visible from every angle due to its high location,
creates an exotic ambiance and harmonizes with the hotel building.

Farm to Table

“Yesan Farm,” the source of farm-to-table

The Yesan Farm of approximately 200,000 square meters
located in Yesan of Chungnam is directly managed by Mayfield Hotel.

The staff is trained in a formal course for eco-friendly organic farming method,
and they grow and harvest special plants, including asparagus, pear, green plum,
potato, and rice. The production manager visits the farm on a weekly basis to
thoroughly monitor the production volume and quality.

We directly manage the entire process from sowing to harvesting,
use handpicked ingredients at all our restaurants,
and prepare our foods with sincere care.


“Architecture style and ceremony”
depicting Korean culture and aesthetics

Master carpenter and human cultural asset Lee Ilgu built Korean restaurant
Bongraeheon and wedding venue Choryecheong using a traditional
method that completely omits nails.

The venues boast a classy charm as they signify heon (軒), a royal palace grade,
and revive traditional royal wedding ceremonies backed by historical research to
succeed the court etiquette of the past. The dancheong (traditional multi-
colored paintwork) decorated with five colors based on the
theory of Yin-Yang and Five Elements is a part of the art you can find here.

The trifoliate orange tree and the locus tree designated as natural monuments
highlight the aesthetics of Korea. Experience the fully reserved tradition
of Korea that can not easily be found in Seoul these days.

Art Collection

“Art Garden” for appreciating culture
in the backdrop of nature

As the hotel exhibits 120 artworks from globally renowned artists,
including Lee Waljong, Park Eunseon, and Kim Changryeol, at various spots of the hotel,
it gives off an elegant mood that feels like an art gallery and creates an
alluring atmosphere in harmony with nature. Here, art is present in everyday life and
can be found in places where your gaze may accidentally fall.
Find yourself a calming moment for your deep thoughts at Mayfield Hotel with the
artworks that feel further elevated in the backdrop of nature.

art scene